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The Gripper Muddler

Price: $19.99
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Maple - $19.99
Cherry - $19.99

Our Gripper Muddler has some serious ridges for prodigious amounts of grip. If you really get into your muddling and want a good grip, this one is for you. With 8 hand turned grip enhancing ridges, only the wimpiest of grips won't be able to muddler with this tool. Grips even when your hands are wet. As one of my friends would say, this muddler has a lot of "gription."

The Gripper Muddler is 10" long and 1 1/4" wide. The grip portion is 4" long.

These muddlers are individually crafted using a process called wood turning. This hand turning process and the unique characteristics of the wood ensure that no two muddlers are exactly alike. Once our muddlers are turned, they are coated with a food grade mineral oil and beeswax blend. This blended finish not only protects your muddler, but it also greatly enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

The Woods We Use
We are very selective about the woods we use for making muddlers. We use only domestic hardwoods and choose woods that have closed grain. A closed grain wood when finished is very smooth to the touch. Closed grain woods, unlike open grained woods like oak, have smaller pores and are easier to clean.

Our Cherry muddlers are made of solid domestic Black Cherry. Cherry is one of the most attractive domestic hardwoods. The natural color of the wood is a reddish tone. We do not dye any of our woods and we do not laminate (glue) pieces of wood together. When you order a muddler from us, it will be one solid piece of cherry.

Our maple muddlers are made of domestic maple wood. The light color offers a very attractive modern clean appearance. In the kitchen, maple is often used in making cutting boards because it is durable and easy to clean. Maple can have a figured appearance that is often called curly or tiger maple. This appearance doesn't effect the use of the muddler, it only enhances the beauty. We do not charge extra if your muddler has a figured appearance.

Q. Is Maple or Cherry better for muddlers?

A. Both perform their muddling jobs admirably. The choice is simply a question of preference. Some like the warm red tones in the cherry while others like the very clean lighter look of the maple.

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