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Muddler Wax

Price: $8.99
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Keep your muddler looking great with this fine wax/oil blend. Our "muddler wax" isn't only used for muddlers, it is actually a product developed for wood salad bowls and butcher blocks. It just happens to be the perfect blend for muddlers. It is made of natual beeswax and mineral oils. This blend is safe, straight out of the container. It even smells a little like honey when you apply it (a nice bonus). The 2 oz. container is more than enough to keep your muddler in prime condition for years. Just put a small amount on rag and work it into the wood (this take literally 30 seconds). After you've applied it to the wood you just wipe off the excess. When applied, water will bead and run off your muddler, making it easier to clean.

Q. Do you apply this wax blend to your muddlers?

A. Yes, all of our muddlers are sent with this wax finish applied. We feel it enhances the natural beauty of the wood and protects the wood.

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