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2 Gram Silica Gel Packets (Qty. 10)

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Prevent condensation, corrosion, mildew, mold, rust and spoilage within an enclosed space with these convenient silica gel packets

Eliminate moisture damage in small enclosed spaces with these handy 2 gram silica gel packets. You will receive ten 2-gram packs in an air-tight aluminum moisture barrier bag that can be zip-locked to keep the unused packets dry and ready to use. The see-through silica gel packs have indicating gel that turns from orange to dark green when fully absorbed to let you know they're full of moisture. Ideally sized for many uses: camera gear, scuba gear, electronic bags, jewelry, leather goods, camping gear, backpacks, tackle boxes, storage boxes, tool chests, coins, stamps and other collectibles.

Directions: Drop packet into any container with your items. Use an airtight container for best results. (Note: plastic tubs with locking lids work well.) Reseal any unused packets in the zip-lock pouch to preserve freshness. When the orange beads turn dark green, the silica gel packet is fully absorbed and needs to be replaced. Do not microwave, heat or attempt to reactivate packets. Do not open packets. Silica gel is contained in perforated plastic packets which allows for the absorption of moisture.

You will receive ten 2-gram packets. Each packet measures approximately 7/8" x 1-7/8" and will cover an area of approximately 260 cubic inches (length x width x height) of enclosed space. For larger volumes, you can add more packets or purchase a larger unit of silica gel.

  • Protect your collectibles from moisture damage
  • Great for seasonal storage items
  • Convenient see-thru bag lets you know when the pack needs to be replaced
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